Shruti Jakati

Music runs in her blood. Right from a tender age, Shruti was trained in classical music by her father, while most girls her age would play with dolls. At a tender age of 8, she gave her first stage performance.
Shruti had an opportunity to be under the tutelage of the legendary Shri Milind Chittal, Pt. Gajanan Buva Joshi, and Dr. Digvijay Vaidya.
Shruti loves experimenting with various genres of music. Her strength being Indian folk and Sufi music, Her aim is to spread happiness through music.
She's currently the principal of Muziclub Pune - a music academy with 600+ students.



Gourav Tiwari

Music to me is God Gifted. Period. I saw a senior from school play the Congo and Tabla. This encouraged and fascinated me and I took to other percussion instruments too. I come from a place and family that weren't appreciative of music, my father encouraged me to learn the tabla. I participated in many national competitions and won accolades. That inspired me in continuing music as a part of me. While still in school I completed my Visharad in Tabla under the tutelage of Pt. Mordhwaj Vaishnav. I started playing drums in college and overall I've been learning music for a past 15 years. I am working for a company called TORRINS, an US based company that provides an on-line and off-line platform for music teaching.



jeet goswami

Love the gears, softwares, synthesizers and the idea of creating a huge array of sounds inside a box is fascinating for me. I work as a sound engineer/Music Producer. Being the Tech guy in the band feels awesome. I also play Harmonium, Tabla, Piano and have learned Indian Classical music for 8 years. Going further Orchestral Music, Synthesis, Mixing, Music Programming are some things that I am really interested in.



Conrad Bhengra

Growing up in Tatanagar, there really wasnot much to do for fun, and this gave me enough time to go after my music. There was a lot of music at home including Jim Reeves, the Beatles and Abba. But the album by Aerosmith called "get a grip" changed my life and inspired me to follow music. I fell in love with the energy. When i then heard Bon Jovi and Deep Purple, a whole new world opened for me. I got myself so involved that my love for music grew even stronger. I started jamming with some good musician friends and had a band - Headstrong. That introduced me to gigs. We played mostly at school competitions and ended up winning. This continued in college where I was in a band called "Soliloquy". Years later, and my love for music is stronger than ever,and I find inspiration in most forms of music, from Pop and Rock to Metal and even Jazz.



Aditya Bhardwaj

Inclined to sports from the beginning, music was pretty accidental. My parents wanted my overall development and therefore put me in music class. In the 12th grade, I concentrated on studies. I picked the guitar as a hobby and started self teaching to take a break from studies. Eventually I dedicated enough and more time as I started falling for the creative process of music. I have no formal training, but music workshops helped me a lot.
Currently I am learning music under Vinay Kaushal, a kick-ass guitarist from Pune and also pursuing my masters in computer science. Besides, I am a part time guitar instructor at Muziclub, Pune.